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Mozat 6.3.3 16/01/12 Trial version English
  • Java
Mozat 6.0.2 01/12/11 Trial version English
  • Java

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What do the ratings actually tell me?

Content ratings describe the minimum age we feel the content is suitable for. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app.

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Something special for your mobile phone

Softonic Editorial Team

MORANGE is a mobile application software that works on most Java phones. Like installing an operating system on an computer, with it suddenly you are empowered with more features on your mobile device which are beyond your imagination. For example, push email, remote desktop access, push RSS, instant messaging etc - MORANGE combines the world's finest and first-ever intergrated mobile experience in just one application.

Push Mail

Email has become a necessary communication tool for your professional and personal life. While you are away from the desktop PC, MORANGE can keeps all your important emails pushed to mobile device. You will never be out of the reach, as email will follow you wherever we go. The key features are:

  • Truly Push Email for common mobile devices

  • Read and send full length email.

  • Send and receive attachment.

  • Support IMAP/POP3 Emails

  • Works with Exchange & Lotus Mail server

  • No additional charge from operator except for the normal data usage

Remote Desktop Access

There must have been cases when you need to access documents on a remote PC while you are on the go. For example, customers may want a product brochure urgently, or you may want to access your pictures to show to your friends. MORANGE enables a fast and secure access to a remote computer from mobile phone. Users can read and send documents, and you can control all different PC resources remotely. Furthermore, you don't have to have your computer always on, you can enjoy the "virtual thumb drive" to store all your files:

  • Browse folders on a remote PC

  • View documents such as Word, JPEG, Text, Excel

  • Send documents as attachment to emails recipient

  • Enjoy 5M of free server space as remote driver

Push RSS

We understand access to web information on the move is very exciting and important for today’s professionals and young generations. However, very few users would accept the browsing experience on small devices. Leveraging on the power of Web RSS (Really Simple Syndication), MORANGE introduces the first-ever PUSH RSS, which allows users to be automatically informed each time their site of interest is updated, be it stock alerts, entertainment news or even web-logs.

  • First-ever PUSH RSS to keep you informed.

  • Support all RSS versions and protocols.

  • Smart RSS helps you search and retrieve relevant contents.

  • Integrate with contact book inform blog update.

  • Build in more than thousands of channels

Mobile Camera Access

When you are the move, you may want to know what is happening in your office, in your factory in another country, or what your family doing at home. MORANGE enables to you gain a peaceful mind by an interesting remote camera access from mobile. You can instantly view cameras, it is IP/WIFI cameras or Webcams, directly from your mobile devices.

  • Support all IP/WIFI/WebCam deployed worldwide

  • Easy integration with existing cameras

PIM Synchronization

MORANGE provides robust, secure and intelligent wireless synchronization solutions capable of extending address book, calendar, tasks information in Microsoft Outlook and other data source beyond the confines of the desktop. It is cost-effective, easy-to-administer solutions and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and platforms

  • Wireless Calendar synchronization

  • Wireless Task Synchronization

  • Wireless Contact Synchronization

  • Push and Accept PIM with friends

Contact Book

MORANGE Contact is more than a simple address book that converges and synchronizes all the user's different address book. It is the center of all types of mobile communication – email, voice, text, phone call, web logs, file sharing, camera sharing or instant message, – accessible on a single interface on any device in any location, from a single screen in touch.

  • Wireless Task synchronization

  • Wireless Contact synchronization

  • Push and Accept PIM with friends

"Registration failed"

Please, help me!! I've downloaded the Morange App but I'm trying to register throught my phone but the message "Registration failed, please try again later" keeps coming. What can I do???? And on the Website doesn't have anything about registration. Help me, please. Att, Daiane.

  • Please, help me!! I've downloaded the Morange App but I'm trying to register throught my phone but the message "Registration failed, please try again later" keeps coming. What can I do???? And on the Website doesn't have anything about registration. Help me, please. Att, Daiane.

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14 Jul 2011

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